Dragonfly Dzine, Inc.

My creations are so much more than just a physical piece of art but rather an extension of me that comes from within. 

Like a dragonfly or butterfly my work transitions through different stages as new ideas pop in my head, hopefully coming together to emerge as a beautiful work of art. 

I am often asked how I come up with my subject matter,

but I can't actually answer that. I have never completely planned out a painting before I begin. I don't know how

it will end up or the direction my mind will go in. It is

a winding, patient journey of emotion and discovery––

a continuous process of evolving. 

By the time my painting (or work of art) is completed I have developed a very personal connection and meaning for each piece and how it came to be, but I don't feel that is the most important thing for the viewer to take away. I greatly enjoy all the different reactions, interpretations, and discussions that result.  I will never say that what someone else sees is wrong, because at that exact moment it is no longer about what it means to me but what it does to you. That is the beauty and magic of art. 

My passion is creating and sparking something deep within my viewers...to express emotion, evoke feelings, and intrigue the mind.  I love to get people talking and thinking. My work is intended to be timeless and relate/speak to anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, age, or background. 

The specific color choices and implementation of a vibrant palette is very important to me. I purposely play up the contradiction of bright bold colors paired with intriguing, unique, and sometimes dark subject matters. At first glance you may feel one emotion or mood, but upon closer examination this may change once again... metamorphosing in a quick instant, taking your mind on a journey of discovery. 

Artist Statement